Maintenance on a Forced Air Furnace

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Maintenance on a Forced Air Furnace

If you’re like many people, then you probably own a forced air furnace. These are extremely popular because they are energy efficient. However, in order to maintain efficiency of the energy, you’ll be required to keep your furnace cleaned and maintained. It’s not that difficult, you just need to perform it at least once or twice per year and you will be able to lower your energy bills.

No matter if you own an electric or gas furnace, you’ll have to be aware of how to keep it running to ensure its efficiency. This will save you from expensive repairs and help the appliance last longer.

The first thing to be able to examine ac coil cleaning your air filter. Air filters are meant to ensure that your air is fresh and clean. They do this by capturing all dirt and dust that is that are in your air. That means the more frequently you clean them, the better air will be to breathe.

Your furnace could include a permanent filter or a filter that is disposable. If you are using a permanent filter, then you’ll need to clean it in the manner recommended by the manufacturer. A disposable filter must be replaced it is not difficult. In either case, you have to know how to access your furnace to access the filter.

Before performing any maintenance on your furnace, you must turn off the power off on the furnace. Make this switch at your circuit breakers. Go to the furnace, and open the cover on its front. It is necessary to look for a door, or a space labeled ‘filter’.

This door could need to be removed from the screw, or just lifted off the hooks. examine it a bit to find out what it requires. After you have removed this door, check to find the filter. It should be positioned underneath the blower motor. Slide it out and test for whether it’s either disposable or permanent. It will say so on the back.

When the filter you are using is not disposable then throw it away and change it out with a brand new one furnace cleaning service. Prior to you throw it away, make certain to note the model number, so you are certain you will can replace the correct one. If it’s not disposable, then clean it in accordance with the instructions in the label on your filter. Or, you can you can replace it in the same spot you took out the dirty one.